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“graphe” means “writing” and “ology” is for “study”

Aristotle claimed that he could define a person’s soul by his way of writing. Empirically study and interpretation of handwriting to study the complex human personality dates back to ancient times but it was only in 1622 that an Italian physician, Camillo Baldi wrote the first book on graphology. .

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Handwriting is as unique as a fingerprint, expressing our subconscious self artistically. When we write a sentence or sign our names, we apply our unique personality to paper much as an artist reveals individuality as he or she applies paint to canvas.

Your Capacities


It can enlarge your understanding of personality traits already apparent to you but also inform you of tendencies not apparent in your surface behavior. Learn how to maximize the benefit of your positive capacities and counteract any limitations.



It can give you insight into those with whom you interact daily. Comprehending more deeply and accurately the motivations and viewpoints of your life partners, children, parents, siblings, friends, and business associates can give you the confidence of knowing how to improve your relationships with them.



Understand how your traits may fit you for the demands of the classroom and how you would master and apply teaching methods. Gain insight into the range of personalities in the classroom. Evaluate particular students for ways to improve their attitude, behavior, and performance in learning.

Why Graphology

During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, a well known German philosopher Ludwig Klages,

established principles of graphology that are still put in practice by a number of graphologists even today.


Gain greater insight into yourself or others. Identify career paths likely to suit you

Career Choices

Learn the traits needed for certain occupations, and how your own strengths and weaknesses may fit them.


Discover your strengths and weaknesses as a couple and how your personal traits are likely to affect the other.


Use an analysis for a quick and reliable guidance tool. Gain deeper insight into individual roles in family dynamics.



Gain insight into the personalities of your children and teens to help provide guidance and direction.


Assess partnership compatibility, employment candidates, and team cohesiveness.


Facilitate personnel recruiting. Gain accurate insight into employees' capabilities, aptitudes, work ethics, and general behavior


Use an analysis of each party to better understand their viewpoint, needs, language, and behavior.



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About Graphologist

I am certified by Handwriting Analysts International which is the global leader in scientific handwriting analysis training and research.

We Are Working on Complete World Wide

Since my first encounter with the fascinating subject of handwriting analysis, I was awestruck with the accuracy and the potential it holds in understanding human behavior and bringing about massive changes in a person's life.

I have since then devoted all my time and resources in learning and acquiring the skill of analyzing handwriting in order to understand human psychology. From the knowledge I acquired in the process I understood how small things can make big difference in our lives. I understood how we fall short to live a life that can be complete and content only due to lack of knowledge and true understanding about ourselves and our surroundings.

Being a strong believer in the fact that the world turns into a reflection of how we feel inside, I always believe in being the change I would like to see in the world. Hence, I am using this beneficial and accurate tool of Graphology to help people achieve their goals and dreams.

It is the immense urge I felt of using and sharing this knowledge for the benefit and betterment of the human kind has compelled me to form this website

Explore the Inner You !

We analyze Handwriting which generally ignored by everyone. We can provide you with amazing and hidden qualities in you without interacting with you. This art will help you explore more about yourself and knowing what is dragging you back of getting your dreams come true.

By doing so you can overcome the obstacles in your path and put a step forward to achieve a pleasing personality. So why spend a fortune when you can achieve the same with scientific yet simple techniques of graphology.


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Dive in what all Graphology can provide you with. We touch almost every sector

Personality Assessment

Personality, this describes how you present yourself and live with yourself. This aspect is not static but variable depending upon your mood and sometimes depending upon your health as well. This is proved fact that people gets confused with their own personalities at some point in their life. To figure out why you must be aware of this varying nature.

Now starts the journey of correcting the wrong and fueling the right in you, depending upon the society and surroundings you dwell in.

Personality is not dictated by the education you own but the way you come up. Handwriting varies with your mood and health, so its the biggest source of knowing all about your traits of personality. Nothing else can help you better than having all about your personality in your hands.

Relationship Management

Relations in human life has many phases and whether we believe it or not all our relations influence all other aspects of life. Imagine if all your relations were simply picture perfect, whether it is your spouse, children, parents, friends or colleagues. Who wouldn't love to live with such beautiful relations?

You know all it requires to achieve this is complete understanding of the person concerned. To achieve this understanding you need to know the person very well.

You need to know all his/her thinking patterns, view points, likes and dislikes and many more important details that makes a big difference in your life. You can know all this just from a few lines written by them and just experience the happiness of strong bonding.

Personnel Selection

Picture However big or small your business may be, your prime focus and concern will be progress and growth of your organization. For that you need to recruit the right person at the right position.

You can do this by truly knowing whom are you employing in your organization. You can know the attitude, aptitude, skills and qualities, thinking patterns etc from the candidate's handwriting. By doing so you can let the person work at the task best suitable for him.

This indeed will prove as a boon for your organization because a person comfortable and happy with his duties is bound to do well. These small considerations prove as great advantages for your business. So employee the right person with complete knowledge.

Career Guidance

Know your hidden talents and skills from your handwriting which were otherwise unexplored or unknown.

By knowing what your strengths are you can make informed and appropriate decision about your goals and walk on the right track in shaping up your professional life.

Optimized use of your knowledge and skill sets can bring colors to your life.

Career Planning can be considered as a very soft part of someone's life. One wrong decision can lead you to disaster. So Handwriting also points out the career options that you can opt for to see a successful career ahead.

Before placing your order:

When you are placing your order with me, please consider few instructions so that the analysis of your handwritten note is precise and very accurate.

  • Take Eight A4 size White Unlined Paper, place a carbon paper after every slice of sheet and write on the very first sheet. Staple all the sheets from the upper corner and then write. This will leave impression on every page.
  • The content you write should be spontaneous. Try not to copy it or get it dictated, Grammer doesn't matter to us.
  • Use any colored Ball Point Pen and write freely as you write usually. More naturally you write, more We will be precise in observing, use some board or table beneath the papers when you write.
  • Don't forget to write us your Name, Age and Sex. Also, your mail and postal address where we can post you the analysis report

Please post us the documents to be analyzed on address in the Contact Us Section below. We will get back to you suitably. Feel free contacting us via phone in case of queries related to fee details etc.

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